• Amps & Cabs™ — Default Screen
  • Amps & Cabs™ — Modern Amp with FourTwelve Cab
  • Amps & Cabs™ — Retro Amp with Wilton Cab
  • Amps & Cabs™ — Classic Amp with Oneder Cab

Amps & Cabs™ packs massive amplifier heads and huge speaker cabinets into one tiny app, so you can jam amp quality tones anytime and anywhere without lugging heavy gear. Play your guitar (and other instruments) through your own combination of 3 powerful amplifiers and 3 custom cabinets. Simply swipe left or right to swap out an amp or cab for a totally different sound. Tap the knobs to dial in your amp the way you like it. Get Amps & Cabs™ today and “Put Some Amps in Your Pants!”™ See our Hardware page to find out how to connect your instrument to your iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad™.

  • Amp Selections
  • Modern — high gain, massive tube power
  • Retro — super clean, oldskool solid state
  • Classic — tried and true tube tone king
  • Cab Selections
  • FourTwelve – quad cone half stack (4×12)
  • Wilton – well worn twin tone (2×12)
  • One-Der – wonderfully small and mighty (1×12)